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Raw material of pump valve industry market level of 08 steely industries
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To sit a meeting of the State Council considers to the job rebuilds after deploy calamity: Wen Jiabao of premier of the State Council chairs call together 13 days to open the State Council standing conference, consider to the job rebuilds after deploy calamity. The conference points out, below the leader of the Party Central Committee, the State Council, various places, departmental door acts actively, fight bravely solidarity of policemen of masses of countrywide broad cadre, liberation army and arms of military police officer, public security, difficultly, snow of the low temperature with beat back infrequent history, rain and freezing calamity job obtain great level sex to win. Countrywide traffic is carried return to normal, line of major damage power and transformer substation get repair, dweller life returns to normal basically with report, reserve of power plant coal picks up steadily, life of stricken be hit by a natural adversity masses gets finding a place for in time, disaster area market is stabilized basically, the society is well-ordered. Take the strength that holds adjusting control and rhythm with global eye: Left 2008 year economic situation, make a lot of people put forward to going in the center of the end of the year made those who differ guess from orientaton of future of tight monetary policy. In fact, from policy of macroscopical without a kind adjusting control or monetary policy puts forward beginning oneself invariable, the different development that policy of any a kind of macroscopical adjusting control should run according to economy changes, make corresponding science adjust. current macroscopical adjusting control, many experts suggest, should carry out already " double prevent " target, also want give attention to two or morethings to affect the provisionality factor that economy runs, the degree of tightness of policy orientaton wants measurable, the key is to be in maintain economy to grow premise more quickly smoothly to fall, hold the rhythm of adjusting control and strength with eye science of overall situation.

Amplitude of GDP of prep above of amplitude of steely industry revenue 20 percent: Total bureau of national tax Wu announces in finished state of countrywide revenue income showed 2007, our country accumulative total finished revenue income 2007 four thousand nine hundred and forty-four billion nine hundred million yuan, grow 31.4% , the increase rate of prep above GDP11.4% 20 percent. The expert inside course of study thinks, do not answer to consider the difference between taxation amplitude and GDP amplitude simply, business accounting method, taxation ask forring is in charge of strengthen, taxation policy is adjusted waiting for an element is the main reason that causes both deviate, and, it is at present in system of our country taxation of the body be on the move the reform orientaton of duty and income tax is to reduce tax.

Decrease a platoon to refine a target to wash out 6 million tons of steel-making to produce certainly this year can: Zhou Shengxian of director of environmental protection total bureau was in a few days ago director of office of countrywide environmental protection points out on the meeting, branch of Chinese environmental protection will increase pollution to reduce a working strength 2008, take more strong step, make 2 oxidation sulfur and discharge capacity of chemical oxygen demand get controlling. As we have learned, a respect is reduced in the structure, china asked to close 2008 stop phone of small fire of 13 million kilowatt, wash out 14 million tons of 50 million tons of 6 million tons of steel-making, cement, puddling to lag behind produce can wait, branch of various environmental protection should implement industrial policy strictly, had done close stop eliminate the job.
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