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Lubricating oil pump of Hunan of world tycoon supplier machine pump strange flow
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Very few somebody knows, in the Heng Dong county of bank of Hunan Jiang Zhi, have a such companies, its palm is accusing China big in the half of country of share of market of horsepower engine lubricating oil pump; Its product enters the international of world transnational corporation successfully already to purchase a system, make global engine the supplier with the biggest whole world of Kang Mingsi company of United States of the first brand. This enterprise, it is Inc. of Hunan lubricating oil pump. Company president makes midautumn say, hunan lubricating oil pump is to stand in " giant " grow on the shoulder, move toward the world.

Lead intervenes make a magic weapon of get the upper hand of

On December 14, 2007, xu Zhongqiu flies like in former years go to Shanghai, with the collaboration of manager plan New Year of Kangmingsi and development. In brief and relaxed talk, chief expresses Kang Mingsi, hunan lubricating oil pump becomes outstanding supplier of Kangmingsi two years continuously, this is peerless on company phylogeny, the company shifts the emphasis that purchases business whole world Hunan lubricating oil pump.

Why does international tycoon predestined relationship favor an interior company? Midwinter season, the reporter walks into this company that has contemporary flavor quite, explore gets a few secret.

October 2006, vice-president of Kang Mingsi whole world leads an investigation group to come to Hunan lubricating oil pump according to Genaxiao, when the numerical control equipment that he sees brand-new workshop is monochromatic, say cannot refrain fromingly: Be very good! After this, product of Hunan lubricating oil pump is mixed Kangmingsi is comprehensive form a complete set, at present already accumulative total offers money more than 100, had not appeared any quality problems. And what Kangmingsi is experimenting is current on the world highest the Europe V engine that discharges a standard, those who assemble also is the product of Hunan lubricating oil pump. In Feburary 2007, product of Hunan lubricating oil pump is awarded by Kang Mingsi headquarters " quality 0 blemish award " .

"Lead design, intervene ahead of schedule, it is only can a magic weapon of get the upper hand of! " throw boldly ahead of schedule, transform ahead of schedule, make Hunan lubricating oil pump always goes in front of what the client expects.

1994, investment does ability many yuan 3500 to change. This enterprise in big strides that is lubricating oil pump of agriculture machinery of a production originally enters automobile industry, the product infiltrates early or late jade bavin, on business of the home such as Long Fukang of bavin, god's main diesel engine mainframe. 2002, the company develops again more large-scale ability changes, this ability changes to be included key of national car component to transform a project, make product breed is added by 30 kinds to 50 a variety of, produce can enlarge 1.5 million by 760 thousand. Enter " 915 " , a more massive plan is being carried out, always invest 200 million yuan, the key develops steam (litter) car key component " energy-saving lubricating oil pump, power changes environmental protection to pump " wait for form a complete set to export technical reformation project to had been started, productivity of the year after next that finish will be added reach 5 million.
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