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Prices of a variety of raw material of product of element pump valve go high con
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Metallic price trend has very main effect to trade situation bearing, prospective value whether maintain rise further even in perch, the trend that still rises has been turned round, this is one of problems that we pay close attention to most.

Our viewpoint is: Basic metal price is in 2006 - the history is achieved early or late at the beginning of 2007 new tall hind, price fall after a rise basically is the concussion that is put the periodic element such as delay by the western country economy such as the United States; And the rise of demand of rising market consumption and supply the long-term bottleneck that be faced with to still exist, in periodic element abate even below the circumstance that western economy quickens again, price hopeful maintains the metal to continue even in historical perch tall.

The near future, get the country such as China, south Africa power shortage and climate element influence, the crop of the commodity such as aluminous, copper, precious metal has been pounded, what crop is damaged is durative whether can change the market to be opposite 2008 the anticipation of supply demand relations, one of prime factors that are trend of decision metal price. Current, the focus of the market centers morely in: The risk of American economic depression, the growth of crop will bring about most metal to appear 2008 superfluous etc anticipate on. However, if the homebred quantity damage such as China, south Africa lasts, make the focus of the market arrives centrally supply an area, cause the market the reappraise to supply demand relations of certain 2008 metal, if from now on before general superfluous change is in short supply even into fundamental balance, will form very big impact to price trend. The small stock that combines variety of current and main metal and inflation anticipate, our pair of copper, stannum, aluminous price trend is relatively upbeat. In the meantime, those who be based on pair of American economy foreground is anxious increase, beautiful couplet store the element such as the addition that continues to reduce the anticipation of breath and gold investment demand, we are right gold price trend still hopeful.

Manage an industry " strong at big city " grade: The likelihood affects coloured board piece positive factor of expression basically includes and buy tide to warm up, quicken what supply the reappraise of supply demand relations that interrupts an element to cause and western economy again etc, we value gold, copper, stannum, aluminium to wait child the expression of the industry.

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