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Demand of high oil price jumps CIPEE helps strength my oil equips
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Integrated dispatches from foreign news agency reports, first traded 2008 day, with one action of price of crude of international of new York option market breaks through 100 dollars to close greatly, review 2007, global oil price is climbed successively litre, oil price goes situation the central point that already made each attention. International economist is forecasted beautiful, Euramerican will maintain higher demand, and the rising market such as China and India rises quickly continuously, oil price still can be maintained in current Gao Shuiping. Oil price rises aroused each big Petroleum Company is in global exploration is enthusiastic, pull secondhand from this move quantity of product requirement of equipment of of all kinds oil to jump.

The newest statistic that Chinese custom releases late on December 1, 2007 shows, product of equipment of oil of China of before 2007 3 quarters (oil rig and spare parts and oil steel tube) export 3.25 billion dollar, than 2006 the corresponding period (similarly hereinafter) grow 67.4% . Oil steel tube and exit of oil rig equipment estimate swift and violent growth, before 3 quarters, china exports oil steel tube 2.51 billion dollar, grow 88.3% , 77.3% what occupy product of equipment of oil of the corresponding period to export total value; Oil rig exports 560 million dollar, grow 33% .

Chinese custom analysis points out, rise continuously as price of international market crude, innovate repeatedly tall, accrual of a huge sum stimulates oil to extract trade investment increases. Meanwhile, the country of important crude exploitation such as middle east, America, Russia (area) use device is 20 centuries mostly 80 time left and right sides is devoted, had entered stage by stage update period. Additional, china is carried out " go " the strategy, in middle east, Africa, Latin America, on the west inferior open up of area of and other places exploration of a lot of oil and project technology serve an item, will pull change outcome of oil equipment product.

East battalion city situation is advantageous, the 2nd big oil field of Chinese, university of oil of triumphal oil field, China and throughout the country are only the developing zone that also regards dominant as the industry with oil equipment all is located churchyard, will be with triumphal oil field for years rely on, support power for science and technology with Chinese oil university, form the chain of industry of a complete set of that development of technology of oil equipment manufacturing industry and achievement change, at present scientific research level and manufacturing technology all are home higher level.

At present east area of and other places of battalion and United States, European Union, Japan, Canada, middle east established extensive connection, the whole set that realized more than 50 oil such as beautiful to north and south, thalassic area, Africa, East Asia, hamster to eradicate country and area oil equipment and technology is exported. To be strengthened further with other oil advocate the connection that produces a country and commerce, hurried of Shandong province trade exhibits round-the-world international to exhibit chamber of commerce of equipment of limited company and Shandong province oil to decide in September 2008 12-14 day is in Shandong in meeting, Beijing east international trade center runs camp " 2008 China • east equipment of battalion international oil and technical exhibition " , this action is indicating east battalion city will quicken extroversion oil equipment to trade the pace that base builds, at the same time the hope passes CIPEE, enlarge channel of export of Chinese oil equipment, use the platform of exhibition, to global oil equipment purchases a Trade Fair to show a product, stimulative commerce is communicated and communicate, reach finally trade.
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