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Application of hot pump technology builds comfortable atmosphere at Olympic Game
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Regard as when on 10 thousand 1000 audiences need the place with a fresher air to watch game;

When the competition ground temperature that needs accomplishment of beautiful of more appropriate creation when the athletes that come from world each district; Contemporary watch environmental protection is energy-saving " green " when making the requirement that Olympic Games place raises;

Is the place need of the Olympic Games what kind of 2008 " breath " system?

Several " tasteful " , still see Olympic Games project.

It is reported, 2008 in all project project of the Olympic Games, 61 advanced air handle a technology to be used at discharging wind system and air conditioning system. These advanced techniques include heat to reclaim natural and air conditioning, ventilated, indoor air is energy-saving processing and purify etc.

The application of these new technologies, will build good hot stretch for the audience inside competition ground and athlete measurable zephyr easy is measurable. In a few place, not only audience area and the temperature that compare competion area can be controlled respectively, it is OK also to connect pavilion even divisional control temperature.

In the meantime, the application of new technology does not represent the specific power consumption with meeting taller generation. Olympic Games project also is answered in actively " green Olympic Games " appeal, environmental protection energy-saving weigh as Chongzhongzhi.

For instance a few build place, building construction is made full use of, through ably design, realized feebleminded bad news even the nature of 0 specific power consumption is ventilated.

Invite an audience people always can enjoy fresh air, make sure changes in temperature is appropriate at the same time, still more technologies are waiting for us one dug unexpectedly.

National stadium

To give a country stadium (" bird's nest " ) the audience in builds good hot stretch measurable zephyr easy is measurable. Architects are measurable to the hot easy of pavilion zephyr easy undertook hydromechanical imitate is analysed moderately.

Accurately imitate gave architects " bird's nest " steel structure and velar structure and when 91000 people watch game at the same time " bird's nest " natural and ventilated state, calculate the temperature that the audience that gives every area can experience sheds speed compatibly.

"Bird's nest " all ventilated establishment, it is the result that has adjustment optimizing according to design of this imitate analysis. No matter the audience sits in superstratum bleachers or lower level bleachers, common seat or honoured guest banquet, can enjoy natural light and natural wind, the stretch with be achieved better is measurable.

In addition, "Bird's nest " area of medium football ground ground is controlled for 8000 square metre, for land source hot pump system provided the enough space that bury a canal. Land source hot pump is one kind is used but the system of second birth the sources of energy, energy-saving, environmental protection, bury heat exchanger tube through the ground, winter absorbs soil in accumulate contained quantity of heat is " bird's nest " heat addition; The summer absorbs the cold amount that store puts in soil to " bird's nest " for cold.
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