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Look forward to of pump valve name recommends: Major does pump a powerful person
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Shanghai is become repeatedly (group) limited company is the large group company that the diversity that makes the fluid such as pump, a powerful person in order to consider the home is famously carry system of equipment, electric control and environmental protection equipment runs.

Through development of more than 10 years, the group has Shanghai Feng Bang, Jiang Qiao, wait for area of 4 industry garden with Zhejiang Wen Zhou, always cover an area of an area to amount to 210 thousand square metre, headquarters is set in area of garden of the industry that seal creek; Existing employee 3000 much people, old technical secondary school is unripe occupy 66.5% , among them intermediate title person 286 people, advanced title person 3 people of 1 person of 16 people, national level expert, professor; Have become pump line of business repeatedly, become electric machinery repeatedly, become repeatedly electric, become valve, Lian Chenghuan repeatedly condition engineering equipment, Lian Chengtong uses equipment to install a project its product breed amounts to; of 6 wholy-owned subsidiary more than 1000 kinds, cover pump series, frequency conversion to control series of equipment of water supply of the series, soft ark that start, valve, electric machinery, whole set, sexual price is reasonable, quality is reliable; Apply extensively at the domain such as municipal, irrigation works, building, fire control, electric power, environmental protection, oil, chemical industry, mining industry, medicine. Sales revenue is for years continuously in the industry be among the best of candidates.

The group passed ISO9001: Attestation of system of 2000 international quality, carried out ERP informatization management in the round, the manufacturing licence of the main field such as the fire control that gains country and industry to issue early or late, petro-chemical, colliery; Have the honor to win a country to pledge check total bureau is issued " product quality avoids check certificate " , national consumer society awards " countrywide quality serves satisfactory unit " , the whole nation gives catchment user satisfaction " 10 beautiful enterprise " reach " Shanghai is famous brand " , " Shanghai famous brand.

As the steady progress of the enterprise, be built into the group repeatedly and perfected a sale to serve a network, 168 branches are set in each province, city, the professional sale that has a 1600 much people serves a team, provide professional technical support and good sale service for broad client. At present the group has: Beijing " China century altar " raise of the water conservancy project end wavelet of project of fire control project, boiler circulation of Guangzhou Xin Baiyun airport, Yellow River, Ningxia fizzles out irrigate tap water of town of project, Xi'an transforms town of project, Tianjin big bridge of the Yangtse River of program bureau edifice, Jiang Yin, Heibei, general, do obeisance to the international such as ear, Xi Menzi, masses, Coke Cola well-known company all introduced the product that becomes a group repeatedly in Chinese project.
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