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2008 exit will make project machine trade the largest window
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Machinist job will still greet high speed one year of growth this year. China will still maintain high-speed economy growth 2008, predicting GDP growth is in 7% to 10% between. Growth of Chinese high-speed economy is pulled necessarily change domestic investment and outcome. The project of for example Olympic Games, demand that invests construction of railroad of nearly 1.5 trillion high speed to wait a lot of too numerous to mention one by one a moment will drive Chinese machinist job to grow in the high speed 2007.

Exit will become machinist Cheng industry to be in the largest window 2007. According to statistic, exit of machine of project of our country of before 2007 11 months is added fast still achieve 60% , add than entire industry sales revenue fast still fast nearly 25 percent. Main business is versed in like Gui Liu inside course of study, 31, in couplet, hill is pushed and join forces exit maintains high speed to rise situation, the labour that be like willow, 31 achieve nearly 400 million yuan in income of export of before 2007 11 months, add fast all be in 100% above.

Hopeful of imports and exports of mechanical 2008 industry is achieved first degrees keep balance, the exit of 31 heavy industry had exceeded an import last year.

To mechanical 2008 industry go situation, below the setting that in investment of our country fixed assets steady growth, exit continues to maintain fast growth and RMB to continue to appreciate, entire industry will still have better performance, predict the industry was added 2008 fast can be in 25% to 30% the left and right sides, profit case may be better.

Machinist job hopeful continues to keep smooth firm, rapidder development, gross value of industrial output, industry raises a cost, advocate business Wu income will be compared go up year of growth total of profit of 20% or so; will be compared go up year of growth amount of imports and exports of 20% or so; will be compared on year grow 20% to control.

Mechanical industry of China has entered a relatively fast development cycle. And should the growth pattern that exert oneself values machinist line of business -- the promotion that has turned to main support to pledge from the dilate that basically relies on a quantity, namely of the industry upgrade.

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