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Project machine market gradually thriving business internationalization before r
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2007 year old end drawing near, before final data has not publish this, the circumstance of month of our rely 1-9 is made a bit time look.

According to Chinese project machinist trade association is opposite the economic norms of large and pivotal business and produce and sale measure project machine statistic, end by September, product sales revenue grows 41.1% , gross value of industrial output grows 36.7% , main product sales volume grows 28.7% . Product of machine of 7 main projects already exceeded for the most part by September 2006 the sales revenue of annual, entire industry exceeds 4.9% on average, gross value of industrial output exceeds 4.5% , product sales volume is adjacent last year annual level.

According to data of monthly magazine statistic, predict sales volume of main 2007 product is as follows: (unit: )

Product name 2006Year 2007Year Grow % 308349 409000 32.6 of add up to of 5925 7000 18 of bulldozer of 8740 10000 14 of roller of 2240 3000 34 of land leveler of 97520 140000 43 of forklift of 14465 19000 31 of construction crane of 49625 70000 41 of grab of fork-lift truck 129834 160000 23

The accumulative total end September 2007 imports 3.64 billion dollar, achieve 2006 annual 92.5% of 3.931 billion dollar. Accumulative total exports 6.159 billion dollar, grow 71.6% compared to the same period, exceed 2006 annual 22.9% of 5.012 billion dollar, already achieved favourable balance 2.52 billion dollar, predicting annual exit exceeds 8 billion dollar already special be sure.

From this, achieve basically already to the end of September 2006 advocate business Wu income, the income of four quarters already made net 2007 growth this year. Entire industry year income and profit hopeful grow 30% , sales revenue amounts to 210 billion yuan, profit amounts to 15 billion yuan, exit breaks through 8 billion yuan, grow 60% , the entrance amounts to 5 billion dollar, grow 27% , achieve favourable balance 3 billion dollar.

When Han Xuesong of director of association of industry of Chinese project machinery is analysing the reason of this situation, think to basically be like lower part face: Investment of whole society fixed assets is pulled move; The proportion that investment of whole society fixed assets holds national economy total output value is rising; In build investment dimensions to slant big, grow in quantity of project of new go into operation; World economy continues to grow strong; Foreign capital invests estate enthusiasm to be not decreased; Mortgage loan and financing to rent the development of business; Infrastructure builds project and the propulsion that new rural area builds.

Data shows, this year 1-10 month, investment of town fixed assets is 8.9 trillion yuan, grow 26.9% compared to the same period, for highest this year amplitude, at the same time also summary prep above last year 26.8% of 1-10 month, the investment of local government invests directly in the center of enthusiastic and apparent prep above. 1-10 month, countrywide estate development completes investment one thousand nine hundred and nineteen billion two hundred million yuan, grow 31.4% , add fast fast 30.3% at 1-9 month; Central project invests 883 billion yuan, grow 13.8% compared to the same period; And local project invests eight thousand and twelve billion three hundred million yuan, grow 28.6% . Additional, credit puts in overmuch, before this year 10 months, the RMB borrows money each already was last year 1.1 times what annual increases loan newly. Amplitude of favorable balance of trade still very tall, before 10 months, our country favorable balance of trade two hundred and twelve billion three hundred and sixty million dollar, grow 59% compared to the same period.
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