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What yields story of backside of 4 a powerful person civilian look forward to bu
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3 flowers " buy " Lan Ke " pattern of competition of adapting whole world

The whole world market of 4 a powerful person 10 years life and death chases the deer-fight for the throne, one slants Ju Shaoxing's a mountainous area civilian battalion enterprise, with the industry tycoon below a 500 strong standards of world, deduced from be bought the legend that buys reversely.

25 days, accuse a group to be added to the subsidiary of the United States, Japan as new Chang Sanhua endowment 13 million dollar, finished buy 500 strong companies of world Ying Weisai group is subordinate " Lan Ke " cash flows. Global refrigeration air conditioning controls what the competitive pattern of industry of yuan of parts of an apparatus produced milepost type from this to adapt.

10 years ago, "Lan Ke " be about to go out 300 million gigantic endowment eat off " 3 flowers "

4 reversal valve are the core part that changeover of adjustment of changes in temperature controls in family expenses air conditioning. 50 years ago, the United States " Lan Ke " invented this one product, changed air conditioning to have the state of single cold function only, "Lan Ke " dominate in this domain from this global market 20 old, brought up this one domain " Lan Ke times " .

In domain of 4 a powerful person in all manufacturer, "Lan Ke " breed is the most complete, patent rate of automation of most, product line is top, detect capability is the strongest, monopoly position is in in the product market of above of 30 ton of refrigeration, belong to exclusive forestall up to now in the product market of above of 60 ton of refrigeration, without the competitor. In addition, "Lan Ke " network of global business sale is the most entire, pervade the global staple market such as Europe, beautiful, Japan, China.
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