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Chinese fastener industry should capture low cost to create a dominant position
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"Before the opportunity that fastener seeks low cost to make, quality should regard Chongzhongzhi as serious work, extend market share with character, besides continue to enlarge home to sell the market besides, still must strive for an international market actively. Still must strive for an international market actively..

"Almost every week foreign company is visited to our enterprise. We feel, the desire that foreign trade company purchases Chinese fastener is very strong. " the manager of business of a fastener is opposite sea salt the reporter says.

The desire that foreign car, mechanical trading company reduces cost is stronger and stronger, then, purchase fastener to make a kind of trend gradually from China.

The statistic that comes from society of Chinese fastener major shows, crop of our country fastener amounted to 4.3 million tons 2006, a year of growth that compares the past amounts to 14 % , and exit fastener increase rate amounts to 30 % above. Everything comes so swift and violently, come for years market of homeland of leech on to, the Chinese fastener that is fond of native enterprise found the coordinate that belongs to his eventually.

Undeniable is, the scale of production of the fastener business of our country is not at present big, ability of research and development still shows weakness, what main body sells is the cheap and common standard component with low price. Here premise falls, the personage inside many course of study thinks Chinese fastener cannot with cheap get victory, enter the whole world only market of medium, high end, ability gets relatively rich and generous profit and taller brand famous degree.
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