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Joint-stock buy boreal celestial bodies to make domestic crane produce base
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On December 19, government of district of boreal celestial bodies and industry of Tianjin city Electromechanical accuse Jin Silei of Inc. of motivation of environmental protection of cropland of blessing of a group company, Beijing, Po fertile power limited company is signed engine and truckload book of business collaboration intent, this project is included whole city by municipal government new one of projects of 20 major industry. Bridge of Yang Dong of members of standing committee of municipal Party committee, deputy mayor, area of boreal celestial bodies leads Yuan Shuqian, Mamingji, Zhao Jianhua to attend signing ceremony.

Before this, company of Beijing blessing field and Tianjin Electromechanical collaboration to Po Jin Silei fertile power limited company undertook recombining, fertile motivation obtained Po Jin Silei to manage outstanding achievement goodly, before this year 11 months, tax of profit of this company implementation is close 100 million yuan, become company of Beijing blessing field truckload in production industry catenary important one annulus. This the autograph arranges a project is Beijing blessing Tian Gong department and Tianjin Electromechanical are on original collaboration foundation increase investment further, through developing new product, undertake technical reformation is mixed build plant area, abound and extend motor product line, improve productivity, car and blame highway machinery are made equip in area of boreal celestial bodies base of main engine production and Tianjin and even whole nation's mainest high-powered automobile crane produces base. Area of boreal celestial bodies will be offerred in item executive process all-around service, make a project build go into operation at an early date.

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