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Policy gives aid to Xiamen or into base of machine of our country project
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Reporter a few days ago from " Xiamen city is mechanical 2007 seminar of industrial economic situation " on understanding arrives, prospective Xiamen city will from part of cutting tool of switchgear of machine of automobile industry, project, distribution, shipping, hard alloy, plane, numerical control the respect such as machine tool and accurate instrument is worn proceed with, accelerate technical innovation, stimulative industry structure is optimized upgrade, strive to be in " 915 " during construction becomes channel Xi Anxian to enter manufacturing industry base.

In technical innovation respect, xiamen city will with truckload the dilate of company scale of production drives downstream industry to develop, form new automobile industry chain, breed large and medium-sized passenger car world-class produces base; Through supporting small-sized project machine, Lynd the brand such as engine is in product of casting die of fluid of forklift, Lynd, Daoyici Xiamen transforms a technology, enlarge production, breed Asia-Pacific area dimensions the storage with the biggest, the most advanced technology carries machinery to produce base, consolidate fork-lift truck produces the advantage position in domestic person of the same trade, breed small-sized project machine to be new economic point of growth; Intelligence of key support development is changed, the product of Electromechanical unifinication, support develops 110KV and above product, wash out industry stage by stage material of backward, bad news estimates big, cost can tall the product that pollutes an environment again; Breed country's biggest car to roll lading productivity, supportive industry is done do greatly strong, form " one a depressed place, 2 stage, 3 dock " manufacturing distribution, achieve 5-10 of single ship ability 10 thousand tons are mixed produce per year 60-80 of shipping of content of high additional cost, hi-tech 10 thousand tons productivity; Share of supportive mansion tungsten always invests 850 million yuan hard alloy cutting tool to produce project construction, develop razor blade of numerical control of nicety of high-powered hard alloy, accurate hard alloy, PCB to use hard metal small auger, the applied product such as small mill, breed " Jin Lu " brand; Support reachs the development such as accessory of brake, aviation to arrive by maintenance landing gear, hub on platform of Xiamen aviation industrial district production component, strive for development a certain number of large trade makes an item with plane part maintenance; Support develops machine of all sorts of technology of energy-saving, environmental protection product, Electromechanical unifinication product, accurate instrument.
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