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Machinery is made as driving as demand of the steel products of serious machine
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Days 21 days, cai Weici expresses vice-chairman of association of Chinese machinist trade, mechanical manufacturing industry is in adjust development period, this year 1 - in October, total production value grows 31.91% compared to the same period. Entire industry will still continue to increase to the demand of rolled steel, but the hope that raises to development of rolled steel breed and function is more pressing. He Qi of deputy secretary-general of association of Chinese real estate expresses, estate is steely downstream industry, estate development amplitude is apparent, still maintain steady growth to the demand of rolled steel.

Inflexible production demand is driving

Actor spy steel is thin still be short of

Cai Weici expresses, current, mechanical manufacturing industry is in high speed to send exhibition period. "15 " the gross value of industrial output during year all grow achieve 23.71% , grew 30% 2006, 1-10 month grows 31.91% compared to the same period this year. Production value of predicting next year will grow 25% to control, profit total will grow 20% to control. To the demand of rolled steel gross will still continue to increase.

Machinery makes guild statistic data show. Our country is mechanical a few large main trades appear to grow quickly. 2007 1-10 month, production value of automobile industry entire industry grows 32% , car output achieves 7.51 million, grow 23.68% compared to the same period, annual presents a good development the look of things, predicting next year still hopeful retains litre of power. 2007 1-10 month, production value of heavy industry entire industry grows the perch that achieved 32% above, rise compared to the same period 2.6 percent; Lifting appliance achieved the growth of nearly 34% , the production value of mining equipment, metallic smelt equipment, metallic rolling equipment also achieved the growth of 20% above, decelerate machine and conveyer instrument do not grow 20% , opposite a bit low. Basically weigh aircraft company to order goods full, predict to go to next year industry situation still can hold upbeat mood. 2007 1-10 month, foundation growth of production and marketing of industry entire industry exceeds 30% . The output growth such as component of bearing, hydraulic pressure, fastener, bedspring is rapidder, be in roughly 20% above, growth of cell of mould, gear, pneumatic is relatively mild, add fast under 10% , predicting next year still can maintain smooth growth.
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