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United States flower divides up Iraqi oil to extract authority China oily look f
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United States flower divides up authority of Iraqi oil exploitation

Zhou Jinglu

Iraqi petroleum council and senior official are discussed 17 days and agreed with the main content of new oil standard draft, stipulated revenue of Iraqi oil industry is regular, put forward to want income of fairness allocation oil. The purpose of this act basically depends on introducing the overseas investment of billions of dollar, heavy Zhen Yi helps gram economy.

According to report of Xinhua News Agency, aximu Jihade of spokesman of Iraqi oil department expresses, the federal committee that draft appeal forms by the premier establishs an examine and verify to concern the committee of oil contract, examine the agreement that in Saddam regnant period Iraq and foreign Petroleum Company sign. He rejects to disclose the delegate person selected that will undertake negotiating with international Petroleum Company, but the final power to make decisions that states relevant federal commission will have approval agreement.

It is reported, the petroleum council that Salihe of Iraqi Vice Prime Minister heads will present draft ministerial discussion next week, draft will be handed in later manage by parliamentary careful. Nevertheless, already had many officials dye-in-the-wood to this confidence, think draft will pass the sanction of government and parliament very easily, finality through already was being become.

  Fairness assigns oil income

One of important characteristics of draft of new oil standard are relevant mechanism establish. According to this draft, iraqi oil income will be centered in governmental hand, allocate its to each areas, use at the development of region economy society.

Ji Hade expresses, iraq will establish Petroleum Company of a country, development petrolic is produced and export business. Draft returns the safe state of facilities of pair of Yi churchyard oil to raise a requirement. In a few months before, come from different area to represent compositive committee, undertake deliberative with respect to this one draft all the time, but not was in of the tentative idea reached before the end of the year 2006 consistent.
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