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Encounter price of undersell international gold falls defeat
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Because dollar near future goes strong continuously, and international original oil price Case glides ceaselessly, investor is anxious to be reduced greatly to inflation, yesterday is celestial gold of border merchandise on hand Suffer undersell. When distributing news dispatches up to the reporter, merchandise on hand golden price Sign up for 621.1 dollars / ounce, with go up to trade day photograph is compared drop 4.8 dollars.

Effect of shock of gold of of the previous night suffers before this, golden week of merchandise on hand of Shanghai gold exchange 3 closing quotation drop, the market is wait-and-see atmosphere is grumous, hand in cast delicate. Brunt breed AU 9995 receives a reply 156.19 yuan / gram, drop 0.56 yuan; AU 9999 receives a reply 156.48 yuan / gram, drop 0.32 yuan.

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