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Taxation already became mace of killer of building city adjusting control
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Tax total bureau releases the country " announcement " raised a mighty uproar in the market yesterday, work to the regulation of this file and the liquidation of land value added tax that are about to undertake, the expert inside course of study thinks generally " short-term it is good to see empty, long-term advantage " , in thinking taxation already made adjusting control of this round of estate important and significant step.

"I worry about development business to be lost in each duty a bit cumulative below bear force. " Li Zhanjun of director of institute of estate of Shanghai easy house says frankly, from last year " country 6 " lift new since adjusting control of round of estate, the effect that the change of taxation policy brings to building city is very apparent. To estate development company, rose on January 1 from this year carry out new town land royalities Standard of the amount of tax to be paid, to what be about to begin countrywide land value added tax is liquidated, the cost that develops business hold land raises ceaselessly. "Nowadays, trade, current, retain, each link inflict heavy taxation, pressure of estate development company is very great. Pressure of estate development company is very great..

Li Zhanjun still puts forward, estate develops the expropriation of business land value added tax to be carried out already, but the announcement of total bureau of this state tax is firm the liquidation condition of land value added tax, from before cancel duty Wu to register with project company for instead of settle accounts node sheet period project can become settle accounts unit, those are not cancelled, not the project company of settle accounts escapes to be not dropped.

Director of research center of Fudan University estate Professor Yin Baicheng also emphasizes, taxation is adjusting control of this round of estate is important one action. "In the past, the cost that develops business to get land is not high, but house price however all the way violent wind rises, then estate development, investment is not decreased enthusiasticly, increase consultative sell one's own things, long-term hoard for speculation, reach a few corrupt incident, bring disharmonious sound to estate market, adverse also to macroscopical economy progress of the country, and as the severe levy taxes to fountainhead land, the profit space certainly will that develops business is compressed. The profit space certainly will that develops business is compressed..
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