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Land revenue is new politics or terminative " store up ground profits " times
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Duty Wu total bureau released the country a few days ago " about estate The announcement that develops business land value added tax to liquidate management to concern an issue " (next weighing " announcement " ) , announce countrywide each district will rise on Feburary 1 from this year begin estate to develop business land value added tax to liquidate.

The personage inside course of study thinks, " announcement " release, adjust col since showing real estate greeted macroscopical adjusting control greatly again again. Once liquidate land value added tax to begin to carry out, a few to gain profit with long-term corner land the landed enterprise of means may encounter bigger tax loses pressure, and store up ground or cover dish of time is longer, power of duty negative pressure is greater, and this may bring about development business " store up ground profits " the practice is afterwards hard.

Arms of Yu Bing of reporter of □ our newspaper

Building city adjusting control another great col

Since yesterday morning, include the much home real estate such as enterprise of land home mouth, China to appear on the market the telephone call that the company provides high is entered be busy or nobody are received listen to condition. In-house personage of company of a large estate says: "One big early, the leaders of the company are in urgent meeting in. " a few receive those who understand a telephone call to appear on the market company high level criterion with " no-go comment " for excuse oneself from interview. And in real estate of headquarters of Beijing of letter negotiable securities analyses group criterion the same night to work, till yesterday before dawn at 4 o'clock, finished the name is " estate enters night before last of adjusting control cycle " analytic report. Numerous real estate analyses an orgnaization to express in succession, adjust col since real estate greeted macroscopical adjusting control greatly again again.
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