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Hydraulic pump of all sorts of the equipment that note model are medium the use
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The sort as a result of the hydraulic pump in fixing model equipment at present is more, wait for an element to affect character because of ability of power, rotate speed, pressure, discharge, metal again with type pump, make hydraulic pressure is chosen oilily more complex. Generally speaking low-pressure pump can use HL oil, to medium, high pressure pump should choose HM oil.

The lubricity of hydraulic pressure oil (anti-wear properties) to 3 big pump kind decrease grinding effect order is pump of gear of > of pump of force plunger of blade pump > . No matter its press power volume appropriate to choose HM oil,blade pump gives priority to the hydraulic pressure system of oil pump had better, the contact between the lamina because of blade pump and stator and athletic form wear away extremely easily, its steel is the most comfortable to the attrition deputy material of steel grind hydraulic pressure oil at using Gao Xin HM to fight.

Oil of usable to pump of low-pressure force plunger HM and HL are oily, pump of high-pressured force plunger uses oil of the HM that contain zinc but when there should are bronze and silver-gilt part in force plunger pump, gao Xin fights generation of the meeting that wear a lotion to corrode wear away, pump of this kind of force plunger should be chosen fight without ash or low zinc grind hydraulic pressure oil.

To gear pump, use oil of HH, HL, HM all but, but high-powered gear pump should use HM oil. Be like blade pump and other pump combination to setting a system, should give priority to with blade pump choose, when other pump is force plunger pump, picks oil is returned should be accepted by place of force plunger pump.
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