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Face SJ-1 of dish of well of oily factory affusion test plan deep appearance com
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Recently, face dish of oil extraction factory to monitor Gong of worker of a large body of to ascend peak development to develop well of affusion of successful oil field " SJ-1 test plan deep appearance " .

Be in statified in checking a process, whether accurate immediate impact checks test deepness the quality of the data. Monitor what the group uses to salvage error of car plan deep device to be controlled in 50 meters at present, bring adverse effect to allocating the job. It is statistic is deep that Gong Dengfeng developed development to succeed to be used at salvaging car deepness " SJ-1 test plan deep appearance " , had the field test of many nearly 30 well. Via experimental proof, this plan deep appearance has deepness data stability of accurate and reliable, function, operation is handy, practical wait for a characteristic by force.

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