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Enormous value renewable resources " golden mine " wait for collect
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Although the market dimensions of electronic rubbish industry is giant, but all the time since it is small mill of a few families is engaged in those who abandon old home appliance reclaiming, tear open job of solution, sale, very rare on the normal manufacturer of dimensions pursues this trade, and the industrial garden division that can form to have a program is fewer.

The electric home appliances
It is in order to depose computer leader exemple, copper, aluminous, steely, plastic the 90 % that wait to hold its weight about, among them iron and steel occupies 54 % , cupreous aluminium occupies 20 % , plastic occupy 17 % , circuit board still contains the metal such as precious gold, silver-colored, palladium. In discard as useless in the leftover pieces after computer lead plane, indication screen tears apart processing, can reclaim those who use is useless plastic occupy 35 % each about with scrap iron.

Our country is the manufacturing big country of electric home appliances
According to expert introduction, begin from 2003, china has the everybody such as millions stage TV set, freezer, washing machine, computer every year cable is useless, our country enters a cable to abandon fastigium, whole market dimensions is as high as about a hundred 100 million yuan. Guangdong saves Hu Qingxin of vice-chairman of association of environmental protection industry to express, if solve,reclaiming in the process that tear open solution pollute a problem again, this industry foreground is valued.

In last few years, of product of useless old electron dealt with to already had great progress, abroad is right picture tube, compressor, presswork the processing of the component such as circuit board and batteries had more advanced method, capture material departs effectively the decisive technology difficult problem that go up. Current, the country such as Germany, France, United States, Finland has special research organization, build the automation that has a standard to handle product line. Tell from the technology, the recycle of product of useless old electron is not what difficult problem any more. As we have learned, current, embellish of common annual interest can amount to company of electronic rubbish processing 25 million to 30 million dollar. The United States has 480 thousand person to be engaged in reproducing, can create the production value of 53 billion dollar every year.
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