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System of fire pump automation transforms design program brief introduction
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Summary: The article was discussed use but controller of process designing PLC and transducer adjust electric machinery rotate speed, implementation undertakes automata adjustment to pressure of fire control water supply. When igneous affection happens fire pump is started automatically, make hydraulic the requirement is achieved inside short time, maintain relatively stable pressure thereby, contented and effective fire control uses the requirement of water, raised the reliability that fire extinguishing system runs normally greatly, can avoid the happening of grave accident.

Keyword: Automata of fire pump, PLC, frequency conversion adjusts


As the rapid development of system of our country power, it is more and more important that the safety of all of water system of power plant fire control, reliable, stability moves, taller and taller also to the self-adjusting control level of all of fire control water system. Former hand changes the control way such as control and simple electric chain, because automation degree is inferior, dependability is poorer, the safety that already cannot get used to a power plant, reliable move. As but automata of process designing PLC implement the wide application with transducer adjustment principle, all of water system of proposal fire control is used but automata of process designing PLC implement will adjust with transducer pilot is constant water supply pressure, effective assurance the seasonable water supply when igneous affection happens, and can make a round trip automatically switch, ensure the safety of water supply is used, implementation nobody are on duty the error that because the person is caused for the element,avoids.

1, systematic brief introduction

Because water supply of former fire control uses control completely by the hand, when igneous affection happens fire pump cannot throw water supply automatically, hydraulic the requirement cannot be achieved inside short time, stabilized voltage pump also cannot effective assurance provides net pressure. And the error of factitious element also can cause water supply incur loss through delay, cause conduit blowout easily, cause equipment breakdown. Accordingly, rate of automation of system of control of former fire pump is low, dependability is very poor, existing very big drawback, and be put in great hidden danger when fire happening.
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