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Oil well pump of two-way protection of AOF of oil field development decreases we
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Oil extraction of pump having lever is a the application in method of mechanical oil extraction is most wide kind. Current, what enter development as oil field is medium later period, the feed flow ability of wildcat becomes poor, pump hangs deepness year after year to deepen, column of the canal below the well is more complex, tubal lever slants grind serious, yield fluid is caustic increase, mineralization is spent rise, chemistry is corroded and electrochemistry is corroded exist at the same time; In addition, enter as oil field tall hydrous period, the accretion of water content causes well fluid lubricity to reduce, coefficient of friction increases; Layer crude oil contains candle to measure scale to rise ceaselessly, oil is stiff bring about attrition obstruction to increase, working load is aggravating. These aggravate the invalidation of oil well pump having lever. The invalidation reason of oil well pump basically has the following kinds:

Wear away: Pump canister and force plunger are the two core component of oil well pump, form mobile attrition deputy, attrition deputy between wearing away normally is inevitable.

Sand milling is arenaceous bury arenaceous card: Serious with each passing day layer goes arenaceous the sex wearing bead with bring about deputy generation of force plunger and pump canister attrition to be not normal wears away reach the cut that pull an injury; A large number of arenaceous bead collect meeting general standing valve to fill bury, cause arenaceous bury and arenaceous card.

Corrode: In well fluid strong corrode medium to be able to be opposite each components cause oil well pump to be corroded badly destroy effect, serious person force plunger is perforative, chromic layer of force plunger plating is big fall off.

The happening of all sorts of invalidation phenomena affected above badly the normal production of oil field, make check pump cycle shortens. In these invalidation forms, oil well pump the breakdown of 70% originates between pump canister and force plunger wear away destroy. Accordingly, the main train of thought that solves problem of invalidation of oil well pump is to raise pump canister and force plunger attrition deputy wearability.
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