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Our country is multilayer squeeze mechanical equipment in all wide welcome
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In recent years, multilayer the welcome that squeezes a technology to suffer our country flexible package to produce a business fully in all, multilayer squeeze machinery to be in not only in all the design of research of stock combination, recipe and modular head, production respect obtains result, and urging the innovation side that pushs a compound technology that become film in all, also achieve certain progress. And as multilayer what squeeze compound film to make the market that pack in all is new bestow favor on, the manufacturing facilities of this kinds of product also develops heat with respect to what make the market subsequently.
Multilayer the plastic particle that squeezes a technology to use a kind of above directly in all (plastic perhaps powder) as raw material, after the extruder that passes an above makes model of every kinds of plastic melt is changed respectively, in offerring a pair of mouth model (perhaps pass alloter, entrance model is offerred after what what furnish each extruder is plastic and confluent) , pass further treatment processing next, make multilayer compound film. Multilayer squeeze a technology to be different from dry method in all compound wait for compound technology, it does not need to make plastic particle the semifinished product of filmy shape first. Multilayer the way that pushed a technology to represent economy, environmental protection in all.
According to investigation, multilayer the application in squeezing a technology to produce a business in our country flexible package in all is wide, had achieved the applied rate of 76.9% . Current and multilayer squeeze a technology to be used more in all heterogeneous and plastic squeeze in all piece compound. Because function differs between compound of polarity high polymer and compound of blame polarity high polymer very big, can learn from others's strong points to offset his weakness each other between function, pass each material property between complementary, what can make high-powered is compound and filmy, because this is multilayer,push a technology in all commonly used at tall cut off the production with compound and filmy sex. Our country is in on century 80 time metaphase introduces monolayer to blow velar opportunity from Italy, from Germany Bamage introduces three-layer to press the facility that blow film in all at the beginning of 90 time, the later period in 90 time introduces the world's most advanced 5, 7, 9 even 12 multilayer press facility in all, development rate is rapidder and rapidder.
Our country enterprise is on the foundation that introduces foreign device, undertake digestive absorption cooperative with the technology, further progress and innovation, already can design by oneself gradually with make a better homebred machine, but photograph of as advanced as international level has bigger difference than returning. In the investigation to flexible package factory, the level that discovers the mild bag business of 16% uses this technology agrees with abroad, and the enterprise of 42% the applied level of this technology not beautiful, 10 years of above of backward abroad. Believe as multilayer push equipment and relevant technology in all develop energetically, our country is multilayer the development that crowds plastic and compound film in all foreground general all the more is capacious.
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