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Sewage pump and efficiency of clear water of pump of broken bits oar compare pro
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Common some document report its sewage pump and pump of broken bits oar have very tall clear water efficiency, some are close to water pump efficiency even, the author is like next views to this:

(1) be perfected ceaselessly as what study theoretically and the ceaseless development of trial verdict and accumulate, especially the application with two-phase academic shedding, level of efficiency of pump of oar of sewage pump, broken bits rises ceaselessly situation in inevitable.

(2) common water pump is with achieving highest efficiency design, that is to say, the hydraulic structure parameter of water pump is the optimal combination that achieves highest efficiency. Its efficiency exceeds the pump that to oar of sewage pump, broken bits pump has special demand this kind impossibly the water pump efficiency of contemporaneity. This compares a department to point to coetaneous advanced level the design level that is not a certain person.

(3) efficiency of pump of oar of sewage pump, broken bits the broaden of too current talk that the main reason under water pump is them. The value that efficiency drops basically is concerned with the degree of broaden. So, if do not have the limitation of carrying capacity, pump of oar of different to two sewage pump, broken bits (Q, H, N is identical) undertaking efficiency contrasts is insignificant.

(4) broaden of sewage pump flow path is to prevent block, so the efficiency of raw sewage pump normally under sub sewage pump.

Author basis φ / DS=0.6 ~ the efficiency statistic result of the 0.8 sewage pump that reach Q<600m3/h, the efficiency that gives out to fall in this condition calculates type [1]>
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