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German KSB group will supply advanced pump equipment to our country
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The pump valve with main whole world makes one of manufacturer German KSB group, will supply 170 the most advanced pump equipment to our country this year, in order to be used at the waste gas to decoke of each district power plant, protect atmosphere environment. Equipment of these the modernest pump of catharsis of waste gas to decoke, be in installation the peaceful city power plant that includes to build, battalion mouth power plant, wide bring power plant 3 period, in the heat and power plant such as power plant of Dalian village river.
As we have learned, KSB group expects to the production material of equipment of this kind of pump made improve further, in order to get used to the characteristic that conveyer belt has extremely tall abrasiveness and mixture of caustic current of heavy qualitative calcium carbonate, strengthen what pump equipment contacts the surface and impeller to fight corrode, fight abrasiveness can. Use at conveyer belt before mordant the pump equipment with abrasiveness current, with cost costly special alloy is made. In recent years successfully development gave KSB group one kind is had extremely Gao Kang wears away, the material of corrosion resistance, namely carborundum of polyethylene of pottery and porcelain, use this kind of new data at the inner surface coating of pump of catharsis of waste gas to decoke, and the impeller of pump is by alloy of a kind of hi-tech material is made, raised the dependability of these pump equipment greatly thereby

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