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American earth - technology of hot pump of gas land source is popularized in Chi
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Summary: Since 2006, the new land source that on the international such as American energy department one batch of orgnaizations represent to be willing to continue to help and support China to popularize this kind to have effect of apparently energy-saving, environmental protection heats up pump technology. Trade of classics of ministry of Chinese science and technology, country appoint, the orgnaization such as the state committee of planning also expresses to will continue to support promotion work with a few local government. Training Within Industry and technical communication activity increasingly grow in quantity. The department of hot pump career that company of development of new technology of plan family energy resources established Beijing to be engaged in land source technically heating up pump to popularize the job, the member that send went to the United States to undertake long system grooms, make pump of international terrestrial heat academician and obtained this meeting to register engineer qualification; With pump of American terrestrial heat manufacturing business, project business is mixed development of design, technology, groom the branch established extensive connection and cooperative relationship. Joint-stock production earth- - the preparative work of aircrew of hot pump of gas land source is undertaking in insecurity, predict the first joint-stock manufacturer will invest the end of the year this year production. All these is adumbrative, large-scale promotion earth- - the situation of technology of hot pump of gas land source will be formed inside a few years.

Keyword: Earth - source of land of technology of hot pump of gas land source is hot pump
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