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Technology: Dynamical hydraulic pump tries proved recipe law and test equipment
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Should: The article analysed motivation to change hydraulic pump to the inadequacy of experiment method, formulated new experiment method, use a proof via producing practice, this experiment method is operated easily, the test reflects the performance characteristics that turns to hydraulic pump well and truly as a result, introduced motivation to change the experiment of hydraulic pump to equipment.

Keyword: Power gets lost; Hydraulic pump; Try proved recipe way; Experiment equipment

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Car power gets lost hydraulic pump is the heart that power gets lost a system, its function stand or fall turns to systematic function to having main effect to car motivation, turn to what affect a car directly and operate stability. In addition, as the ceaseless application of new material, new technology, new structure, and the car is introduced in great quantities with what high speed turns to hydraulic pump, more pressing to changing the experiment of hydraulic pump function to research, accordingly, must undertake be discussinged deep to changing hydraulic pump to experiment method, offer the experiment means of effective, perfect test on means, thorough research changes hydraulic pump to character.

Power gets lost hydraulic pump to be in experiment process, outside the characteristic parameter such as the temperature that the main parameter that need measures has besides general hydraulic pump, discharge, pressure, rotate speed, torsion, because power gets lost,the special structure of hydraulic pump decided it to have its specific property with use requirement, when accordingly force of ongoing apply the brake changes hydraulic pump to testing stand, how can accurate, measure the function parameter that turns to hydraulic pump conveniently, it is most crucial question.
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