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The generation of breakdown of engine scroll bearing and diagnostic method
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Summary: Those who introduce engine scroll bearing is simple and easy diagnose and nicety is diagnosed, listed detect example.

Thematic word: Engine rolls bearing breakdown detects

1 foreword

Bearing serves as the main part of engine, especially bearing of drawing electric machinery, axle box, its function is carrying decisive action to safety, engine is online go up when moving, once bearing malfunctions, will bring about whole train to cannot move, jam carry line, especially passenger train malfunctions, the negative effect that cause is bigger, at the same time once engine bearing malfunctions, also be very difficult to the rush to repair of engine, prevent accordingly and reduce the happening of engine bearing breakdown, carry to the safety of engine appear very important, the bearing that there will be breakdown hidden trouble before the car can be installed to detect in bearing, assuring the car on eligible bearing fittings is the key that the article discusses.

The breakdown of 2 bearing

Often single reason does not cause the serious damage of bearing, combine function in put together of a few respects however, vicious circle generates below abominable moving condition, those who bring about bearing is serious burn caustic, because this is after accident happening, often be being judged very hard is by why to plant reason be caused by, also make relevant measure bring certain difficulty to us, go to the lavatory to discuss, have the reason that analyses bearing to malfunction from a few respects first.

The blame of 2.1 bearing is normal wear and tear

2.1.1 after bearing uses period of time, the blemish with the certain generation such as body of bearing inner ring, scroll, cage, outer lane, raceway, bruise, those who cause bearing is lubricant and undesirable, those who cause bearing is calorific, give out heat for long, can bring about: (1) the dilute of bearing lube. (2) the exhaustion that quickens material to pledge, hardness drops. As a result of above reason, and form vicious circle further, quicken overheat and make bearing burns caustic. Displacement of serious bearing inner ring, scroll body breaks a circle, hit heat build-up, final frit is received together. Because this is online,go up when moving, if discover bearing is serious when calorific, fume, do not jockey, and Ying Wei is held run ahead to stand, because at the moment overheat bearing is in fused condition, once jockey,refrigeration hind can not walk again, jam line.
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