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Machinery of pump of report of deep well of deep Jing Chao prevents research and
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Be in to oil reservoir 3500m ~ 6000m, layer temperature is in 100 ~ the oil field of 146 ℃ , store the layer is loose, go out easily arenaceous contain CO2 to wait corrode medium to wait, these characteristics decided that he must be chosen high strenth, tall osmotic, deflection is good, be out of shape grade of strong, Gao Naiwen reachs capacity anti-corrosive capability is strong " prevent arenaceous sieve tube " .

The survey with be passed certain and consult much material, we think: Base the canal had better choose 13Cr or super 13Cr; Filter Duan Cai uses ultrathin stainless steel the net undertakes compound filter. This action filter is arenaceous to preventing, arenaceous, fight corrode, high temperature resistant, and fight be out of shape wait for integrated ability will greatly be able to improvement and rise.

If " prevent arenaceous sieve tube " function stability, structure is reliable, this will greatly it is beyond the mark to was reduced at depending on " electric pump " function, can reduce thereby " electric pump " the cost of aircrew. Give arenaceous day in the light of electric pump well the circumstance of beneficial aggravate, use hanger, will prevent arenaceous canal to sit at wildcat middle, or suspension is in electric machinery rear, enter electric pump pump housing and vitta in order to prevent arenaceous bead inside, improved the moving environment of electric pump aircrew thereby, this will be lengthened greatly with the working life that improved electric pump aircrew to move.

2, the engineering technology that defends arenaceous sieve tube

1, prevent arenaceous canal structure: From inside outside arriving by base canal, compound prevent arenaceous filter cover the protection outside reaching stainless steel wait for composition. Base the canal uses API standard bushing or oil tube; Prevent arenaceous filter set use multilayer structure of stainless steel small hole pattern is complex and into, use advanced solder technical craft and base the canal undertakes soldering. Formed one set to have tall osmotic 2, the protection that brings side to shed aperture is covered

(1) is in exercise process, can protect well prevent arenaceous filter layer, when avoiding to leave a well, prevent arenaceous filter the layer is defeated by thorn, be hanged bad and cause prevent arenaceous construction failure.

(2) is in working process, prevent a fluid to be opposite those who prevent arenaceous net is direct and erosive destroy.

3, compound prevent arenaceous filter layer

(1) is used multilayer accurate small Kong Fu adds up to 316L stainless steel prevent arenaceous filter layer, prevent arenaceous dependability tall, fight destroy ability strong.

(2) filters the area is large, mix for kerf sieve tube 10 times of the sieve tube that circle silk, resistance of going from place to place is little, yield is high.

(3) filter aperture is stable, fight be out of shape capability is strong, radial is out of shape 40% when, prevent arenaceous ability changeless, contented level well uses a requirement.
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