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German machinery manufacturing industry handed over satisfactory report 2006
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Federation of German machinery equipment (VDMA) the statistical data that publish shows, gross domestic product of German machinery manufacturing industry predicts to will amount to 158 billion euro this year, achieve the history new tall, increase rate is 7% ; The increase rate of next year predicts to be about 4% .

Achievement is satisfactory and main because domestic and international market is vigorous to mechanical equipment demand,be. This report points out, the utilization rate of German machinery equipment already was amounted to 91% , be based on produce can problem, at present the enterprise of 1/3 needs to cancel order or delay delivery, this makes German mainland a few enterprises make investment to mechanical equipment afresh, the commerce level that brings up German home mechanical equipment replies the level 1990. In the meantime, the demand that comes from abroad is driving still, about 7 becoming German fixture is exit. whole, in 2004~2006 year during, the increase rate of German machinery manufacturing industry is 18% .

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