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Oil head covers oil gas to reclaim in device is in Dalian complete
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Oil head covers railroad to install car oil gas to reclaim in the tight construction that device passes two many months, was in Dalian petrifaction company on December 18 complete, carry concerned section check and accept. Can reclaim hourly lade the oil gas that institute of 750 stere naphtha, gas produces, the mark is worn this company is improving atmosphere environment to pollute, reduce pair of human body harm, raised the respect such as economic benefits to be stridden solid one pace.

According to national environmental protection quality of total bureau, nation is supervised examine quarantine total bureau is newest establish pollutant discharge standard, volume of the crude oil of oil depot of refinery, Petroleum Company, benzine is equal to or be more than 100 thousand stere must furnish oil gas reclaims device. Brandish of the meeting when naphtha, benzine assembles a car gives out a large number of organic gas, the bases below normal temperature is organic hydrocarbon mixture, pollute atmosphere environment not only, cause accident of combustion, explosion easily, and reduce oil to taste character, create resources waste, some aromatic hydrocarbon kind material causes cancer possibly even.

Oil gas of car of outfit of this railway of Dalian petrifaction company reclaims the adsorptive method that device uses international to go up to mature to be used extensively reliably most, can satisfy lowermost tail gas to discharge chroma requirement, have the agile run mode that start, moving specific power consumption is low, basically include 3 courses. Oil gas is absorbed is the activated carbon bed that passes adsorption of two alternant switch, adsorptive naphtha, benzine holds the oil gas that the car produces; Activated carbon second birth undertakes vacuumize by vavuum pump of a two class, pump the oil gas that sends adsorption of active carbon bed to come down, when control the system detects when achieving vacuum to spend, introduce air to undertake blowing sweeping; Oil gas depart is absorbed is hydrocarbon kind after constituent gas is compressed by fluid annulus vavuum pump, send segregator, segregator depart carries thick gas and liquid state benzine to be entered directly absorb a tower, after absorbing a tower, send to benzine canister by pump inside. Quantity of tower at least did not absorb oil gas to return activated carbon bed, activated carbon bed is entered after mixing with the oil gas of the generation that assemble a car again by adsorption.
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