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Alloy of AOC special type prevents arenaceous oil well pump to apply successfull
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As the ceaseless development of oil field, a lot of sandstone oil deposit because the structure is loose and suffer the effect that discharges a quantity for a long time to be collected by force greatly, make wildcat goes out arenaceous serious with each passing day, as a result of,give arenaceous wildcat of arenaceous bead wear away, the anticorrosive wear-resisting layer of pump canister and force plunger is destroyed, spend to well fluid mineralization tall, corrode serious wildcat, what create anticorrosive wear-resisting layer quickly is big fall off, the leakage of pump is broken increase quickly, still can cause arenaceous check force plunger, arenaceous bury the phenomenon such as sucker rod, make oil well pump premature invalidation. Technology of You Andong oil (group) the alloy of AOC special type that limited company develops development independently prevents arenaceous oil well pump to use alloy coating material to combine special structure to design, the arenaceous card that solved an arenaceous well well, arenaceous bury reach arenaceous bead to wear away the phenomenon such as pump canister, force plunger, improved the service life of oil well pump.

This kind new-style preventing arenaceous oil well pump is the design that uses tube of short pump of long force plunger, there is one part force plunger to be besides pump canister from beginning to end in the working process of pump, heavy arenaceous enter pump canister and force plunger space not easily, can avoid to stop after smoking arenaceous card or arenaceous the happening that buries force plunger; 2 it is the design inside pump canister has blow the arenaceous, plant that blow dirty automatically, still design sky having link at the same time heavy arenaceous passageway, make arenaceous bead sedimentations in pipe of heavy arenaceous tail, reduced the odds of arenaceous card of oil well pump, have defend arenaceous performance very well; 3 it is pump canister wall uses special spray technology, spray has the AOC-165C alloy coat that is more than 0.25mm, coating material undertook fighting grinding, the anti-corrosive, design that prevents dirty, alloy coating and matrix are united in wedlock for metallurgy, adhesion is strong, there is intermediate zone between combinative scale, electrochemistry of not easy generation is corroded, the spray of Ni-60 alloy powder that force plunger surface uses tall wear-resisting corrode and into, after force plunger material and pump canister material match through optimizing, make the corrosion resistance of pump canister and force plunger can be mixed fight the abrasiveness that wear bead to be able to rise greatly, the leakage that can reduce oil well pump is broken, heighten pump effect; 4 it is every Er assembly uses special material to be made, can effective slow down wears away with corrode, have fight erode, fight percussive function.
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