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Malike card industry lube: Resolve vavuum pump trouble
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A processing factory of the chemical production combine that Daokangning is located in Mixiegenmidelan in its installed new-style two class vavuum pump, this vavuum pump is used at taking out gas from inside machining reactor. This vavuum pump used primary facility to produce business (the traditional mineral oil that OEM) appoints, in the nine the middle of a month that this pump runs at first, every 4 can appear to 6 weeks catastrophe failure. "Corrode very fierce, mark of the rust on pump case is full of stains or spots, we want to do, had been to repair not just. " LisaHonaman of ship-fitter Cheng division says, "Every time, we must buy new pump case and other main part, spend a 9 day time to install pump afresh again. Spend a 9 day time to install pump afresh again..

Daokangning's technology serves personnel to suspect, hurtless lubricant can pass what eliminate or change pair of metallic pump parts to corrode, improve performance thereby. Accordingly, they recommended the mineral oil of low additive. Honaman discovers surprizingly, the location firm of herself -- Daokangning, have a solution. The company just introduces Daokangning with " Malike " a when be brand new industrial lubricant range of products, oily as it happens of L-0610 vavuum pump accords with a requirement. Mineral oil of purity of this kind of freeboard is based on technology of chemistry of new-style low additive, use this kind of technology, can mix chemical material reaction odds of gas is reduced the smallest. Honaman says, "This kind of additive is very gentle, the recipe that contains it is just like like containing additive completely. " be this kind has additive to combined a recipe to lower the oxidation rate that new oil tastes only, and latter is lifted by pressure and temperature generation, can cause premature lubricant trouble.
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