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The ABC of flowmeter of a few kinds of commonly used conduit and quite
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Discharge is measured is one of parameter of 4 old important courses (other is temperature, pressure and content) . Close conduit flowmeter is classified with the technology that its use, following:

Difference presses flowmeter (DP)

This is prevailing discharge technology, include the canal in orifice plate, Wen Qiu and sonic spray head. DP flowmeter can be used at measuring most liquid, gas and steam velocity of flow. DP flowmeter does not have mobile part, application is wide, use easily. But after jamming, it can produce pressure loss, influence accuracy. The accuracy that discharge measures depends on the accuracy that pressure expresses.

Cubage flowmeter (PD)

PD flowmeter is used at measuring the bulk velocity of flow of liquid or gas, it introduces the fluid inside metric space, calculate rotational frequency. The fluid of billabong of in order to such as impeller, gear, piston or orifice plate. The definition of PD flowmeter is higher, it is to measure agglutinant liquid one of a few kinds of methods. But it also can produce not recoverable pressure error, and need to contain mobile component.

Turbine flowmeter

When fluid shedding classics turbine discharge times, the fluid makes rotor rotates. The rotate speed coming back of rotor spends the career with the fluid relevant. The fluid that experiences through rotor is average velocity of flow, derivation gives discharge or gross. Turbine flowmeter can be measured accurately clean liquid is amiable body. Resemble PD flowmeter, turbine flowmeter also can produce not recoverable pressure error, also need mobile part. Electromagnetism flowmeter

When the fluid that has conductibility is shedding classics electromagnetism field, through measuring voltage the speed of attainable fluid. Electromagnetism flowmeter does not have mobile component, do not suffer the effect of the fluid. Conductivity liquid accuracy is measured when full canal very tall. Electromagnetism flowmeter can be used at measuring the velocity of flow of oar shape fluid.
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