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Control discharge balances comfortable use of analytic balance a powerful person
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1, boiler (or cold water aircrew) discharge balance

In boiler room (or cold water computer room) in, general paralell connection installs a few set, because different resistance is had between each aircrew, cause the discharge that adopts each set abhorrent, those who make aircrew cannot develop outfit aircraft is the biggest exert oneself. Should be in right now every boiler (or cold water aircrew) place installation balances a powerful person or family, make every aircrew can obtain rated discharge, it is safe, normal to assure every aircrew move. When tower of refrigeration of much stage of join of cold water aircrew, every cooling tower also should install balance valve.

2, heating power stands one, 2 times annulus road discharge is balanced

In the system that in hot power station or concentration boiler Fang Xiangre does water of heat addition of heating power station, obtain the discharge of the requirement to make each heating power stands, the installation on the canal of backwater of annulus road side that appropriate stands in each heating power balances a powerful person or family. It is rated discharge to assure annulus road discharge 2 times each, the side of road of each 2 annulus that heating power stands also should install balance valve.

3, balance of discharge of net of canal of village heat addition

Net of conduit of village heat addition often by room of a boiler (or heating power stands) to a certain number of building heat addition. By manager, a certain number of dry canal and a tubal composition that do a canal to go up to be linked together with building entrance each. Because every building is apart from heat source far and near to differ, if lack significant equipment to remove pressure head of the rest of close annulus road, will make discharge allocation does not accord with a design to ask, carry overheat nearly, far end super-cooling. Entrance of canal and every architectural should work to install balance valve in every, in assuring a village, each strike the balance of the discharge between canal and each building.
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