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Circumstance of progress of research and development of system of oil extraction
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The perpendicular campaign that uses sucker rod or cable drive the job of pump of the force plunger below the well, Liangshi from the tradition to develop tower type rod pump, it is current what apply extensively is artificial choose litre of unit. The United States " world oil " an article of date introduced the magazine in April 4 kinds of when development of 4 companies of American applies new-style equipment and device.

Pensile tool

Recently, the United States gets Kesasi the city with a ha compares company of abdicate · Fischer to study through the experiment, finished tool of a kind of distinctive sucker rod suspension. In pumping unit well need is carried pump and when next vitta, pump is promoted, pensile tool is twisted in (in the ground) the end on sucker rod, transfer to a lower level, an oil that twists tubing string to go up again 3 in. This tool deserves to have promotion sucker rod and in issueing its to give oil 3 inside outfit connect. Still can add rotate vivid connect, make need not rotate when sucker rod transfer to a lower level.

When installation sealed pit shaft, promote tubing string again, safer than traditional pensile tool. New-style and pensile tool accords with engineer of American whole nation the not sclerotic rolled steel that anticorrosive association makes uses a standard, stock a few kinds of current measure.

Short model pump

Inc. of American Dyna pump develops a new-style pump that the name is Dynalow, it is pump of as previous as the company DynaSave those who have same function and characteristic is short model pump. Its secure height to be not worth 3 meters, the biggest stroke makes an appointment with 1 meter. This pump irrigates to systematic use condition falls and be designed for the farm only, gross weight is not worth 635 kilogram, but safe operation.
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