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Tapered roller bearing and water pump shaft connect the installation of bearing
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One, the installation of bearing:

The installation of bearing must undertake below dry, sanitary ambient conditions. The treatment quality of the cooperates shoulder of the surface, protruding end panel that microscope axis and crust answer before installation, groove and join surface. All cooperating linked list face must be cleaned carefully and eliminate burr, raw surface must divide cast clean molding sand.

Before bearing is installed, answer to be cleaned clean with benzine or kerosene first, dry hind use, assure good and lubricant, bearing uses fat to lubricate commonly, also can use oil-lubricated. When using fat to lubricate, should choose without foreign matter, fight oxidation, antirust, extremely pressure wait for the grease with superior performance. Grease fill measures the 30%-60% that is bearing and bearing case volume, unfavorable and overmuch. The bearing of biserial tapered roller that takes sealed structure and water pump shaft connect bearing already fill good grease, the user can be used directly, cannot undertake cleaning again.

When bearing is installed, must be in of ferrule end panel circumferential on bring to bear on equal pressure, press ferrule, must not use end panel of bearing of direct knock of tool of 鎯 first class, lest injure bearing. In interference lesser circumstance falls, bearing ferrule end panel can be pinned with sleeve below normal temperature, the head that use 鎯 beats sleeve, press ferrule balancedly through sleeve. If large quantities of quantities are installed when, can use hydraulic press. Pressure fashionable, should assure outer lane end panel and end panel of crust stage shoulder, inner ring end panel and impaction of end panel of axial stage shoulder, not clearance of be patient of.
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