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Get together valve of pump of liner of 4 fluorine ethylene and self-lubricating
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Liner is main breed: Of all sorts of norms get together liner of 4 fluorine ethylene a powerful person of butterfly a powerful person, brake a powerful person, ball valve, shut-off valve, check valve, faucet, diaphragm valve. Fluorine of of all kinds line is anti-corrosive the pump below centrifugal pump, fluid, straight canal, 3, canal of diameter of bend, different, expand the line fluorine system such as section compensator valve.

Item characteristics: Without build juncture, impulse withstand, be able to bear or endure ageing, be able to bear or endure negative pressure. The surface is flowing, any appearance steel all but line of inside and outside.

It is main raw material with PTFE, material of fill other wear-resisting, through mould suppress agglomeration, can make without oil-lubricated wear-resisting bearing material. The product applies at slideway of cylinder, oil cylinder, shock absorber, machine tool to wait.

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