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Agricultural common breakdown and its maintenance adjust urine pump method
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Agricultural urine pump is a country the life is planted with Shui Hechun main irrigation and drainage of Xia Bo is mechanical. In move, hard to avoid can malfunction and damage, as a result cannot normal pump water. Accordingly, undesirable to pump water water pump must undertake maintain and be adjustmented, remove trouble in time.

Cannot start

Should examine case of power source power supply above all: Contact joins whether firm; Switch contact is close together; Fuse whether fusing; Of three-phase power supply whether be short of equal. If have open circuit, contact fusing of undesirable, fuse, be short of, should prove a cause and have repair in time. Examine the mechanical failure that whether is water pump oneself next, common cause has: Filling too close or between impeller and pump housing by sundry card lives and jam; The pump shaft, bearing, annulus that decrease leakage becomes rusty; Pump shaft bends badly etc. Eliminate a method: Loosen filling, dredge causes trough; Ravel pump housing is cleared and sundry, except rust; Tear open next pump shaft corrective or change new pump shaft.

Overheat of electromotor of motivation of form a complete set

The reason has 4. It is the reason of power source respect: Voltage on the high side or on the low side, below specific load, if voltage changes limits should come in the 10 % of + of rating - electromotor overheat can be caused besides 5 % ; Asymmetry of voltage of power source three-phase, alternate with of voltage of report of power source three-phase is lopsided degree of more than 5 % , can bring winding overheat; Be short of move, experience makes clear agricultural electromotor by burn down because be short of,85% above are move cause, should be short of to electromotor installation protector. The 2 reasons that are water pump respect: Choose motivation to do not deserve to cover, the pony pulls cart, overload of dynamoelectric pilot time moves, make electromotor temperature exorbitant; Start too frequent, norm to be short when or intermittent the electromotor of duty works continuously. Should limit the number that start, choose hot protection correctly, the norm that presses the demarcate on electromotor is used. The 3 reasons that are electromotor itself: Receive law mistake, receive △ form Y form by accident, make the temperature of electromotor lifts quickly; Stator winding has alternate with short circuit, v/LIT all over the ground a short circuit or local ground connection, light when electromotor is local overheat, serious when insulation is burned-out; Squirrel cage rotor is broken or existence blemish, electromotor moves 1 to 2 hours, core temperature rises quickly; Ventilated system malfunctions, should check fan to whether damage, direction of rotation is correct, whether does ventilated a narrow passage providing the only means of access to a certain place jam; Bearing wears away, rotor is prejudicial sweep chamber to make decide rotor core photograph to brush give out metallic clash, core temperature rises quickly, serious when electromotor is fumy, even coil burn down. The 4 reasons that are working environment respect: Electromotor winding be affected with damp be affected with damp or dirt, smeary etc adherent go up in winding, bring about insulation to reduce. Should measure the insulation resistance of electromotor and undertake sweeping, dry processing; Environmental temperature is exorbitant. When environmental temperature exceeds 35 ℃ , the temperature that take wind is high, can make the temperature of electromotor exorbitant, should try to improve its work environment. If build canopy sunshade,wait.
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