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The power station controls type selecting of a powerful person and application t
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Will simply see electric power technological process is circulation process of water, steam actually, control a powerful person is chosen in this flow already simple complex. Simple is process medium simple, have water and vapour only two kinds, complex is water and steam temperature and pressure wave motion range is big, be like,bring series issue: Flash vaporization, cavitation erosion, erode, noise, corrode. But the security that what want a consideration above all is control a powerful person and dependability.

Water supply a powerful person (advocate, add boiler water supply a powerful person, compound model water supply control valve)

Control a demand: Control boiler takes water amount, assure vapour capacity, maintain boiler water level (advocate, add model system of a powerful person of boiler water supply includes two control a powerful person or family, one is used at when boiler is started, be being used, one is used at normal water supply to use) .

Operating mode circumstance: The valve when boiler is started presses difference to be able to amount to 100-300 kilogram, discharge is lesser, difference is pressed when moving normally lesser, flow is large, discharge is adjustable than be 75/1-100/1.

Valve requirement: WCB/WC9, to system of double a powerful person the medium a powerful person that start asks to fight cavitation erosion, v class closes rank, to compound model water supply a powerful person needs application characteristics to turn a powerful person inside at the same time contented boiler is started with the need when moving normally. General valve chooses to close for breakdown.
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