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Technology of general character valve has a variety of outstanding specification
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Intensity function

The intensity function of valve is to show valve bears the ability of medium pressure. Valve is to bear the mechanical product of internal pressure, must have enough strength and stiffness consequently, be used for a long time in order to assure and do not produce burst or generation to be out of shape.

Technology of general character valve has perfect product structure feature, its intensity function is the function of final standard intensity of valve.

Sealed function

The sealed function of valve is to point to valve each ability that sealed place prevents medium leak, it is the specifications index with the mainest valve. The sealed place of valve has 3 place: Open shut with valve base the contact between two sealing surface is in; Filling and lever of a powerful person match with what filling cases and be in; Body of a powerful person and the joint that a powerful person builds. Among them the leak of before one place is called inside leakage, what say normally namely close lax, it blocks influence valve the ability of medium. To blocking a powerful person kind for, leakage is unallowed inside. The leak of two place is called after outside leakage, namely medium arrives from the leak inside a powerful person outside a powerful person. Leakage can cause stock loss outside, pollute an environment, serious when still can cause an accident. To combustible explode easily, poisonous or have radiative medium, leakage cannot allow more outside, consequently valve must have reliable sealed property.

The product of technology of general character valve, it is to involve a powerful person no matter, still be control valve, its sealing surface won't be allowed He Chong corrode, wear away extremely tiny also, also not be afraid of wear away, superior sealed performance can realize the 0 leak with sealed inside and outside, environment of economic energy resources, protection and improve work efficiency.
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