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3 factories develop big harbor oil field forerunner of oil extraction of jet cen
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3 factories manage oil recovery of big harbor oil field hydraulic jet centrifugal pump chooses technology of litre of craft oil extraction, the guide that adopts 5 wells experiments, get clear result at present.

Develop the ceaseless development of degree as oil field, of extreme difference of sex of crude oil content collect hard well, long stop well, brim well to reach slant grow in quantity of the year after year that grind a well. Hydraulic pump is to rely on the " of " negative pressure that dynamical fluid forms to achieve pump goal, can form bigger production to press difference, benefit enters pump at stiff oil. It does not have athletic component, the momentum changeover that relies on dynamical fluid sends layer fluid to the ground, put an end to slant grind happen. Big harbor oil extraction 3 factories begin to be in from 2001 jujube 22 - test of sex of forerunner of craft of hydraulic pump oil extraction is developed on 32 wells, basically want to solve problem of stiff oily exploitation.

Experiment through forerunner sex, the stiff oily emulsification that explored hydraulic pump to produce a well falls sticky manage experience with region production. Popularize in all at present use hydraulic jet centrifugal pump to cite litre of craft oil recovery 5, exploitation explored the wildcat that is the south to go up newly produce a way. The lever pipe that produces in producing a course to solve wildcat slants grind a problem, applied this technology to have a test 2005, the effect is apparent.

Combine the result that hydraulic pump applies early days, 3 factories plan oil extraction to popularize those who apply hydraulic pump to serve as maturity not to have the experiment of technology of lever pump oil extraction further, in the model area piece does good case analysis, pass the spot to make an on-the-spot investigation, further research and affusion build the water quality after receiving to handle with the problem that add drug. In the condition mature circumstance falls, use affusion to be in charge of a net to form mouth and even a few ten hydraulic pump that are unit to provide network system, solve complex problem well, obtain the materiality breakthrough of hydraulic pump oil extraction.
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