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The adjustment when centrifugal pump is used means and analysis of consume of th
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Centrifugal pump is machinery of a kind of when apply extensively at chemical industry system general fluid. It has function accommodation wide (include discharge, pressure head to reach pair of adaptability that transport medium property) , bulk small, structure simple, operation expenses of easy, operation is low and a lot of advantage. Normally, the discharge that chooses centrifugal pump, pressure head may be mixed what ask in pipeline is abhorrent, or because manufacture the task, technology,requirement happening changes, ask to undertake discharge adjustment to pump right now, essence is the working place that changes centrifugal pump. By the characteristic curve of pump and pipeline system character the curve decides the working place of centrifugal pump jointly, accordingly, the characteristic curve that changes any can achieve the goal of discharge adjustment. Current, the discharge of centrifugal pump adjusts means basically has control valve control, gearshift control and pump and, series connection adjustment. Because all sorts of adjustment,the principle of means differs, outside dividing the actor drawback that has oneself, the energy loss that cause is different also, to seek optimal, specific power consumption the the smallest, most energy-saving discharge adjusts means, the flow that must know centrifugal pump in the round adjusts the relation between means and specific power consumption.

1, the main way of pump discharge adjustment

Curve of character of 1.1 changes pipeline

The method with the simplest discharge of change centrifugal pump uses what pump exports valve to leave namely degree will control, the position that is curve of change pipeline character character actually will change the job of pump to nod.

Curve of character of 1.2 changes centrifugal pump

According to scale law and cut law, structure of pump of the rotate speed that changes pump, change (wait like law of cutting impeller external diameter) the characteristic curve that two kinds of methods can change centrifugal pump, achieve tone reduce expenditure to measure thereby (change pressure head at the same time) purpose. But to the pump that has worked, the method that changes pump structure is not quite convenient, and because changed the structure of pump, reduced the versatility of pump, although it moves section discharge economy in certain moment,go to the lavatory [1] , aborning also is used rarely. Here analyses the method of the discharge of rotate speed adjustment that changes centrifugal pump only. From the graph 1 in analysis, when should changing revolution speed to move section discharge to drop from Q1 to Q2, the rotate speed of pump (or electric machinery rotate speed) drop from N1 N2, the characteristic curve Q-H that rotate speed issues pump for N2 and He=H0 G1Qe2 of pipeline character curve (pipeline spy curve is indeclinable) hand in at nodding A3(Q2, h3) , dot A3 sheds the new job after the quantity to nod to pass timing adjustment. This adjusts methodological adjustment effect apparent, quick, on the safe side, can lengthen pump service life, managing electric energy, reduce rotate speed to move additionally return the can effective cavitation surplus NPSHr that reduces centrifugal pump, make pump is far from cavitation area, the possibility that reduces cavitation of centrifugal pump happening [2] . Need has the rotate speed that defect is change pump to change prime mover through frequency conversion technology (it is electromotor normally) rotate speed, the principle is complex, investment is larger, and discharge adjusting range is small.
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