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Introduction of product of pump of constant voltage of XBD-HY series fire contro
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One, overview
The applies to multilayer, high level to build fire control water supply and life water supply new product that pump of constant voltage of XBD-HY series fire control is development development, it is tall reliable, high quality fire protection is special pump. This product accords with national level GB6245 completely - 1998 " demand of fire pump performance and experiment method " ask with standard of fire prevention of contented and active fire control, function belongs to banner level in home.
2, model meaning
XBD6/30 - HY
XBD---Pump of fire pump constant voltage
0.6MPa of 6----- rated pressure
30L/s of 30---- rated discharge
HY----Code name of constant voltage pump
3, function limits
Discharge: S of / of 10L/s ~ 80L
Rated pressure: 0.3MPa ~ 1.5MPa
Pump water inlet diameter: 65 ~ 150mm
4, product characteristic
Change shed stabilized voltage, discharge- - lift curve evenness, wave motion of force of working area internal pressure does not exceed 5% . Little flow does not exceed pressure, can assure fire control equipment and fireman safety, large flow can be protected pressure, ensure fire control efficiency. Allow when to be awaited, all can start reliably. Open type impeller, without cover board, without buccal annulus, without bite dead.
Systematic investment is little, can not establish the giant, costly facility such as baric canister, transducer; Control is simple, function is reliable; Volume is minor, weight is light, cover an area of an area little. High rotate speed, the structure is compact; Vibration is little, noise is low, straight couplet of machine pump coaxial; Machine seal reliable, use excellent opportunity to seal, create clean moving environment; High grade bearing, burden design; Safeguard handy, pipeline is not used when maintenance; Modular design, versatility is strong, spare parts of machine parts or tools kept in reserve is little.
5, utility
XBD - pump of constant voltage of HY(W) series fire control basically is used at industry and civil building to secure fire extinguishing system (hydrant extinguishing system, automatic gush drenchs extinguishing system and water spray extinguishing system) water supply, apply to a high level to build system of water supply of divisional fire control especially, also can use at fire control and life additionally (production) the circumstance such as water supply of common water supply system and building, municipal, factory, boiler.

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