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Industry of our country pump grows good luck and challenge to coexist
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Pump is in China is the general and mechanical product with very wide application, according to not complete count, china is annual the production value of pump product is in 40 billion yuan of above, annual the 20% ― of countrywide electricenergy production 25% should use up go up in pump product, the production manufacturer of countrywide pump product is in 6000 above. Can be some closer year come, business of foreign pump valve enters China in succession, brought huge impact to company of our country home. How to live go down, it is the difficult problem that business of valve of every domestic pump must capture.

Business of foreign pump valve is in China development speed and into leap, it is with state of affairs of development of German KSB company only exemple:

German KSB company is the big company of world-renowned modern production pump and valve, it is on the world 3 the biggest pump one of production companies. German KSB company only then achieve 1871, headquarters is set in Er of tower of German law Lan Ken. This company basically pursues the production of valve and pump and sale, the pump that the product includes to be used at the industrial department such as flow project, power station, environmental protection, building and water supply, a powerful person and automation equipment. KSB company sets 8 branch at present: Branch of branch of butterfly a powerful person, industrial process pump, ball valve branch. KSB entered China 1994, KSB and factory of Shanghai water pump are joint-stock found Shanghai Kaishibi pump limited company. Current, in heart is joint-stock Shanghai Kaishibi pump limited company is level of the technology in industry of domestic water pump highest, product enclothes the joint ventures with wide, big scale of production.
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